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Entry #4

Update about games

2016-07-20 10:53:21 by groundsgoldviaemail

I've got everything fixed and now I can continue with the games. First things first, I'm pleased to announce a new game.



This is the splash screen for Expand, a game where you play as that cat and must increase your size via powerups to challenge greater obstacles. It's a single level game right now, but I plan to make more of it in the future.

Click the below link to download and play the prototype.

However, before I finish that, I need to continue with Riddle School. As long as I can get the first room finished, the rest should be easy. I will definitely not use Flash for any other games, since I just wanted to capture the feel of the original RS game. This is super tough to finish and runs worse than GameMaker, but that can be changed. Thank you for bearing with me and I'll keep you all posted.

Until next time, Mystery Mudokon out.


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